Hotels Near Arlington National Cemetery

ANC Concierge has found hotels near Arlington National Cemetery in a variety of different price ranges to make it easy to find a hotel for you and your family. Please note that some of those hotels are closer to the Reagan Airport (DCA) so getting to these hotels from the airport can be done by using free shuttle services, just make sure you check with your hotel first.

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ANC Concierge highly recommends the Virginian Suites (1) as the best place to stay in the area, it has amazing amenities with a kitchen in most rooms and a great location, just north of Arlington National Cemetery and Old Post Chapel. The next closest hotel is the Sheraton (2) which is just south of the cemetery and will also be a short trip. Your other options will be all located on Jefferson Davis Highway which is the best choice if you have a lot of family flying into Ronald Reagan Airport (DCA), so options 3-8 will be your best choice.

1. Virginian Suites‎
1500 Arlington Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 522-9600
2. Sheraton
Columbia Pike & Washington Blvd. Arl., VA (overlooks Cemetery)
703-521-4510 OR 800-325-3535
3. DoubleTree 
300 Army Navy Dr. Arlington, VA
703-416-4100 OR 800-222-8733
4. Courtyard By Marriott 
2899 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA
703-549-3434 OR 800-321-2211
5. Hilton 
2399 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA
703-418-6800 OR 800-445-8667
6. Embassy Suites
1300 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA
703-979-9799 OR 800-362-2779
7. Marriott
1999 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arl., VA
703-920-3230 OR 800-228-9290
8. Hyatt Regency 
2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy. Arlington, VA
703-418-1234 OR 800-228-9000

Transportation Information

While staying at any of the above hotels, you can easily take a taxi to Arlington National Cemetery, unless you were able to drive to your hotel.

If you are coming to the cemetery for a funeral, know that you will be in a vehicle for a short period of time, unless you are planning on walking with the family. If you are leaving in the morning or late afternoon, be prepared for DC traffic and give yourself enough time, just incase you are staying far away from the cemetery if you are arriving for a funeral.

Limousines, Rentals & Taxi’s

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